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capreThe Frisa Valtellinese (Valtellinese Friesian) breed has, during living memory, also carried the name ‘Frontalasca’. The word ‘Frontalasca’ comes from Frontale in Val di Rezzalo, a location in the high part of the Valtellina, which is considered as the birthplace of this breed. It is similar to the Striata Grigionese (Grisons Striped) breed.
Its main characteristic is its coat which is usually black apart from two white stripes on the sides of its head, its white stomach and the white markings on its feet and just under the tail. The milk which comes from the 30 goats on the farm is used for the production of prized goats cheeses. As we have such small numbers of goats, their milking is still down by hand.

  • we periodically organize farm tours for the whole family?
  • we are the ideal spot if you love running?
  • our “calech” used to be a refuge for shepherds in the mountains?
  • we are a truly zero kilometer reality?
  • we are located right in bewteen the Alps and Lake Como?
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