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  • I like to convey myself and my kitchen, using all the colors of nature!

    Franco Aliberti
    Franco Aliberti Chef
  • I take care of your wellbeing while you get a chance to indulge.

    Deborah Wellness
  • Every day I take care of all our animals and make sure they are all doing fine.

    Luca Stable
  • Giorgio
    Giorgio Shop
  • Bruno
    Bruno Dairymen
  • I love being around children and nothing makes me happier than sharing with them the time I spend with our animals.

    Elisa Didactics
  • Low profile… high performance. Young maitre d’ of our two restaurants.

    Elisa Maitre
  • Cooking as it is to me… turning our own local ingredients into emotions and feelings.

    Gianni Tarabini
    Gianni Tarabini Chef La Presef
  • Turn an ordinary stay in an unforgettable memory!


    Monica Front Office
  • Plinio and Simonetta
    Plinio and Simonetta Owner
  • we periodically organize farm tours for the whole family?
  • we are the ideal spot if you love running?
  • our “calech” used to be a refuge for shepherds in the mountains?
  • we are a truly zero kilometer reality?
  • we are located right in bewteen the Alps and Lake Como?
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