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Our chef Gianni Tarabini & Euro Toques

Gianni Tarabini belongs to the Euro Toques Association.


In 1986, Pierre Romeyer, one of the most important Belgian chefs, became aware of the risks of food abuses and, together with his friend Paul Bocuse, contacted other famous European chefs (Wegner Vogel in Sweden, Gualtiero Marchesi in Italy, Juan Mari Arzak in Spain, Spijkers Cas in Netherlands, Myrtle Allen in Ireland, Arne Fusager in Denmark, Eckart Witzighann in Germany, Michel Da Costa in Portugal, René Jacquemin in Luxemburg, David Miller in Great Britain and few others) and decided to create the Euro-Toques Association.


In the same year, Jaques Delors, the President of the European Commission at that time, recognized the Euro-Toques Association as a lobby defending the quality of food.


Euro-Toques offices were set up and are present in each country. The members refuse the standardization of the foodstuffs industry and appeal to the respect of diversities, because European cooking shall be a mosaic of flavors and colors to fully maintain its charm.


An history of pure passion and devotion to quality, culminated with the cooking class “Great Chefs discovering typical products of Lucchesia”. Here, our Chef Gianni Tarabini opened the first session of the class, guiding all participant in the world of aromas and explaining the secrets of the aromatic herbs, the hay and the milk. The course was concluded with a dinner for all participants.

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