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It is the first machine using the CORE technology, combining  three channels of radio-frequency and an additional channel, the fourth multi-channel mode, which combines all three radio frequencies in a single impulse.
The  treatment  with  Reaction  stimulates  the  production  of  collagen  and  elastin, increases the blood flow, helps lymphatic drainage and stimulates the metabolism. The final effect is a sensation of greater tone and evenness of the complexion.
There are three methods of application:

  • face shaping • skin firming • body shaping

Face treatment – Cost € 130
Body treatment – Cost € 140 – 150


Omeoenergetica®  is  a  beauty-curative  method,  which  works  on the basal energy principles of our organism. The inner energy balance is thus reflected in an overall sensation of well-being. With  the  help  of  an  innovative  technology,  Omeoenergetica  can  reactivate  the resources of the organism, to re-establish the harmony of all the components of well-being and beauty, with a deep drainage.

Facial treatment – Duration 50’ – Cost € 100
Body treatment – Duration 70′ – Cost € 110


An innovative and highly effective methodology without side effects or contradictions.
It is becoming increasingly confirmed in rehabilitation, in the treatment of injuries due to sport and traumatological situations, including in an acute phase.

Duration 25’ – Cost € 50
Duration 50′ – Cost € 60

Facial treatment with hyperbaric oxygenahura_logo

A gentle treatment based on pure oxygen that is relaxing and absolutely noninvasive. Different types of serum which contain hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and vitamins are delivered to the face with the pressure of a dispenser, without using needles, leaving a fresh and relaxing sensation. In only 30 minutes of treatment, the skin feels and looks years younger. The face is smooth and purified, nourished and moisturized.

Mini treatment with oxygen
The mini-treatment includes:

  • cleansing • scrub • serum delivered with hyperbaric oxygen 10 min • specific cream

Duration 30’ – Cost € 90 one session

Complete treatment with oxygen
The complete oxygen-therapy treatment includes:

  • cleansing • scrub • serum delivered with hyperbaric oxygen 20 min • specific mask • specific cream

Duration 60’ – Cost € 150 one session

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