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Aqua maris Ritual

The sea is the cradle of life.
And each time we return to it we can feel how powerful its healing power remains
for both body and spirit. It’s a clear and always wholesome sensation that springs
from the combination of the regenerating action of sea water, algae and Dead Sea
mud alongside the know-how and expert dexterity of the professional masseurs. In
this dynamic synergy, the Ahura Method encourages you to reconnect your body to
the fluid and primordial component of life, regenerating the entire body, stimulating
the metabolism and at the same time purifying the spiritual element.

Duration 90’ – € 165

Vitis Elisir Ritual

Since ancient times, the vine has been celebrated as an emblematic element of
nature by time-honoured civilisations.
Expression of immortality, symbol of youth and eternal life.
The Vitis line exalts the virtues of the grape, integrating its natural potential with
the most recent cosmetological research into the field of stem cells contained in
the fruit. The detoxifying, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action of the vine is
combined with the element of strengthening of the metabolism and cell turnover,
thus limiting the natural decay of dermal protein. The Vitis Elisir ritual significantly
improves the quality of local microcirculation and acts on problems related to venous insufficiency and the consequences of aging, giving vitality and regeneration
to the body at the same time.

Duration 50’ with a final oiling only  € 99
Duration 80’ with a full massage   € 139

Lux Solis Ritual

In the plant world, seeds, oils and butters are the substances where maximum vitality
is concentrated, due to the heat processes conducted by solar activities. The gently
revitalising effect that those very substances can bring to the human body through
the practice of massage encourages the person to rediscover their ancestral link
with the Sun and to benefit not only in the Body but in particular and above all in
the Soul. Ahura has developed the Lux Solis ritual, bringing out the natural power
of pure oils, butters and their active ingredients through a massage that stimulates
the entire body. By enveloping the recipient with warmth and loving care, it allows
the person to become not only aware of his or her body dimension but also to the
very deepest inner states.

Duration 50’ with a final oiling only   € 99
Duration 80’ with a full massage   € 139

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