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“From my dedication to and passion for farming life and the world of animal husbandry has come a dream called “Fiorida”. My family, my land and the desire to grow are the elements from which is born a feeling that expresses itself through a language in which tradition, knowledge, innovation and passion are ever present. These elements, in turn, translate themselves into something tangible, that is “produce”. My produce is the expression of a feeling which is born of passion for the earth, respect for traditions and knowledge of sciences which each day renew themselves….to produce the best. I and my team of collaborators are happy to welcome you into the world of La Fiorida.”

Plinio Vanini, the owner

The Farm and Centre La Fiorida lies in one of the most picturesque areas of the Alps. The Valtellina is a geographic area which provides peace and relaxation only a stone’s throw away from Milan. In the splendid setting of the bottom of the valley – where the Orobie Alps meet the Retiche Alps, at just one step from Lake Como – the enterprise boasts one of the most beautiful positions in the Lower Valtellina.

The stone and wood buildings of the Agriturismo La Fiorida stand near the banks of the river Adda in a context of nature and colour which is in perfect harmony with the local countryside. The farm can be reached by car, from the Main Road (Strada Statale) 38 at Rogolo, or by bike on the delightful cycle path, the Sentiero Valtellina, which connects Colico to Morbegno. The business is a pleasant staging post for those going on to the famed locations of the Upper Valtellina, in Val Chiavenna and in the Engadina, and for those who want to observe animals close up and to taste those wholesome foods which come directly from nature.

A little bit of history

The history of the farm business “La Fiorida” is tied to the passion for animals of Plinio Vanini, author of a project which is unique of its kind in the Valtellina. Thanks to his respect for the world of animal science and the teachings he received from his grand-father Elia Ciapponi and his friend Camillo Bottà, Plinio Vanini turned his dream into reality in a small breeding farm at Sacco, in the Val Gerola, in 1983. Later, the business moved to the lower valley, to Traona, with about 40 animals. So the decision to give life to a unique project in the Valtellina all started in a small breeding farm at Sacco. From there we can trace back the birth of “La Fiorida” at Mantello.

In the course of the years…

In 2000 the cowshed: this is subdivided in order to do our best to provide good living conditions for the animals and to maximise their wellbeing. The cowshed facilities and its structure are supported by a system of control and management information. This system is aimed at producing the best monitoring arrangements possible of the 200 resident Brown Alpine cows during their daily feeding routines and in their growth patterns.

The barn: this is where the hay and maize produced by the farm is stored – the harvest that comes from cultivating about 60 hectares of land in the Lower Valtellina. The cultivation of these fields allows us to produce hay and maize – the main feed for the animals – from our own resources.

The piggery and the goat house: these are sub-divided into areas for the sows, the boar and for the newborns. From their birth, the latter have a heated room, the birthing room, in which they stay with the sow until they finish weaning. Today we have about 250 pigs and 80 goats.

In 2002 the first shop was opened for our dairy products. It welcomes our clients into an environment rich in Valtellina traditions.

In 2003 the dairy: this enables the processing of milk to be followed as it happens. A large window into the processing area permits observation of the treatments of dairy products.

In 2004 the butcher’s: where work starts to produce our ‘salumi’ sausage and other meats.
In November 2004 there was the opening of the new shop: a building in stone and wood in perfect Valtellina style in which it is possible to buy our fresh and genuine produce. We also sell other traditional products from the Valtellina. For those who appreciate a welcoming, homely environment and the opportunity to try organic cheeses and other ‘latticini’, the shop is ideal. You can take a break here and learn a little about taste and tradition. The shop is the first link towards making the chain complete…

From 2006 onwards until today…the new agriturism area, with the four dining rooms of the restaurant, the twenty-nine welcoming hotel bedrooms, the three meeting rooms and the new Beauty Spa.

The 2012   sees the new opening of Restaurant La Présef, a cozy ambiance in pine-wood, where the produce of the farm reaches  the best expression, enough to achieve a Michelin Star in November 2013.


  • we periodically organize farm tours for the whole family?
  • we are the ideal spot if you love running?
  • our “calech” used to be a refuge for shepherds in the mountains?
  • we are a truly zero kilometer reality?
  • we are located right in bewteen the Alps and Lake Como?
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