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La Fiorida strives constantly to meet the needs of all our esteemed guests in order to ensure an enjoyable and safe sojourn within our abundant green spaces in splendid Valtellina.


For more than 14 years now La Fiorida has been considered a country retreat of the very highest quality, characterised by its very particular style of Valtellina hospitality.

Only too aware of our very distinctive “stamp” within the sector which has led to thousands of guests regularly choosing us as their preferred destination/refuge and establishing a unique bond of trust with us, we thought it appropriate to put our own commitment in black and white, in the form of our own VALUE SYSTEMS.


One of the indicators of the trust that our guests place in us is clearly the number of “returnees”. This is an appreciable sign of the type of relationship that has been established between ourselves and those who choose to stay with us, and one that goes way beyond any routine commercial transaction in exchange for services provided. Trust and respect are the cornerstones to the relationship.


The safety of guests has to be our priority, and we are committed to ensuring it through concrete and consistent actions. All La Fiorida personnel are regularly included in training programmes, tailored to the particular department they are involved with. During this unprecedented period they have been issued with detailed guidelines and specific cleaning, hygiene and sanitisation measures have been adopted, based on safety at work and providing a secure and spotless environment for both guests and staff.


Our booking process is transparent and will always offer the best available rate. We guarantee compliance with all bookings made, both with regard to price and supply of commensurate services agreed in the reservation. Tariffs are clearly indicated on our website and of course it’s possible to book online. As a matter of course our approach is always to look to the future and we have learnt to constantly take into account what both the market and our very own territory is telling us. This has encouraged us to develop a sound combination of innovation and flexibility.

And it’s thanks to this very real flexibility that we can fashion our tariff policy to the precise needs of our guests: we have never introduced pre-paid or non-refundable rates and have currently adapted our cancellation policy, allowing a change of reservation without penalty or the right to cancel up to 48 hours before arrival.

Happily La Fiorida can count on the support of a staff selected for their individual capabilities and professionalism, dedicated to give of their very best to make your stay a truly memorable one. Team spirit is at the very heart of all our endeavours, based genuinely on mutual respect and a sharing of personal and work-orientated values. Only through these principles can our holiday farm offer a service of the highest quality in Lower Valtellina.

La Fiorida has clearly developed a relationship of mutual trust with its suppliers over years of collaboration. Our providers are deliberately chosen, be they large or small, within the Valtellina region, because cooperation/synergy forms part of our very make-up, along with amplification and mutual support. Our suppliers are not simply a source of goods and equipment but represent genuine partners, forming the very foundations of our business success. This is reflected in our policy of prompt payment for goods and services, especially in times of crisis or emergency, when it is vital that companies behave responsibly, respecting commitments and thus allowing the economy as a whole to continue operating soundly.

Being able to count on trusted partners means we can provide guests with comfortable and perfectly equipped rooms guaranteeing a relaxing stay which will lack nothing. Our two restaurants can rely on the very highest quality raw materials, sourced from our own estate or from small Valtellina producers, all of whom share our philosophy and approach.

From its very outset La Fiorida has always been committed to heartily endorsing the Valtellina region through its choice of products and services. Considerations such as short and comprehensive supply chains, animal welfare, the promotion of all things native to the region, and an integrated form of “tourism and hospitality” have all accompanied us along the way.

It represents a journey which has led to the creation of a vital network within the territory, resulting in the confidence of small local producers who are increasingly involved in supply of products and/or raw materials. In turn they were able to invest in their own businesses, improving both quality and economic returns, without ever forsaking their traditional values.

A genuine model both sustainable and virtuous in its capacity to promote a considerate form of tourism, incorporating naturally enough, food and wine and encapsulated by La Fiorida in “Terra Alta di Valtellina”, a project dedicated to the environment, economy, producers and residents of our mountain region and designed to bring to the fore eco-systems created through agricultural and artisan production. Through our company’s experience over years we are more than capable of providing opportunites for anyone who stays with us to enjoy the experience of cultural, environmental and leisure facilities so readily available within our region.


  • we periodically organize farm tours for the whole family?
  • we are the ideal spot if you love running?
  • our “calech” used to be a refuge for shepherds in the mountains?
  • we are a truly zero kilometer reality?
  • we are located right in bewteen the Alps and Lake Como?
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