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“The New Biogas Plant Leading the Agricultural Sector”

Our company has recently taken a significant step towards circular economy and eco-sustainability by activating an innovative biogas plant, cleverly harnessing the farm’s slurry to generate electrical energy. This project represents the pinnacle of a series of initiatives undertaken since 2021, affirming our ongoing commitment to making the company more sustainable and environmentally conscious.



Biogas Plant: Environmental Sustainability and Waste Reduction

The use of slurry from the new barn to produce 44 kW of electrical energy is a tangible demonstration of our sustainable approach and determination to reduce waste. The fermentation of the slurry produces steam, powering two engines of 22 kW each, working synergistically to generate electrical energy and power the daily operations of the company.


The Green Journey Started in 2021:

Photovoltaic Panels: We have completed the installation of photovoltaic panels on the beams of the roofs, reaching a total power of 468 kWh. This initiative has not only reduced our ecological footprint but has also made the company more self-sufficient from an energy perspective..

Wood Chip Boiler: With the implementation of a wood chip boiler for thermal energy of 1.2 MW, we have enhanced our capacity to generate heat sustainably. The use of virgin biomass ensures low dust emissions, contributing to preserving air quality.

Automation with Feeding Robots for Cows: We introduced a fully automated feeding system, reducing dependence on traditional means and contributing to a more efficient resource management.

Energy Efficiency: The renovation of the roofs has improved the overall energy efficiency of the company, reducing heat dispersion and contributing to a more sustainable working environment.


These initiatives reflect our commitment to a sustainable future and responsibility towards the environment.

The prestigious recognition of the green star from the Michelin Guide Italy for our restaurant La Preséf is further testament to our dedication to sustainable excellence in the food sector.

We will continue to lead innovation, combining agricultural tradition with modern sustainability, addressing environmental challenges with creativity and responsibility.


  • we periodically organize farm tours for the whole family?
  • we are the ideal spot if you love running?
  • our “calech” used to be a refuge for shepherds in the mountains?
  • we are a truly zero kilometer reality?
  • we are located right in bewteen the Alps and Lake Como?
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