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Rebalancing of inflated abdomen with phytotherapeutic extracts

Specific treatment for the rebalancing of the swollen and tense abdomen that helps to obtain a relaxation of the abdominal muscles, a correct breathing and detoxification: unlocks the body energies with sage essence, drainage with aniseed oil, pumping with hypericum, specific abdomen mud application and slimming cream.

Duration 45’  € 105

Postural reintegration with phytotherapeutic extracts

Treatment to restore muscular relaxation to a contracted back through stretching and detachment maneuvers: unlock the body energies with Scots pine essence, column stretching with arnica oleolite, manipulation with decontracting oil, thermal mud pack and warm spice pads.

Duration 50’ € 115

Body biodrenage with phytotherapeutic extracts

Treatment that promotes the removal of waste and toxins, regulates the digestive process and intestinal activity, improves sleep quality and normalizes perspiration. It removes stress and tension, promotes lymphatic-energy flow and releases the energy blocked by tension. Pumps and openings drainage points with draining oil and application of detox mud with hydro-salt fluid and pink face mask.

Duration 50’ € 120

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