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Enjoy our relaxing atmosphere and try our relaxing aromatic baths… lulled by sweet music.. whey milk and hay are the top ingredients we have at La Fiorida, since we produce them ourselves. They are perfect for creating wellbeing: whey re-establishes the skin moisture level (our milk is rich in soothing and anti-aging properties) ehile hay stimulates circulation and helps ease rheumatism, removes tensions and strengthens the immune system. Combine such properties with pleasant essences and fragrances and you will have found a truly unique moment.


“La Fiorida” Milk bath

A Cleopatra’s bath plunged into a mixture of hot water and fresh milk, milked just a few hours earlier and directly from the cows on our farms. Relaxing and moisturizing. “Pampering” to be shared. During the treatment a sweet tasting is offered.
“Pampering” to be shared.

Duration 25’  € 70 single – € 89 couple

Valtellina’s wine bath

The wine bath, ideal to reduce imperfections of the skin such as stretch marks, wrinkles and skin discolouring. The main action is that against the ageing of the skin, but the anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties are also significant.
During the treatment, a sample of typical products accompanied by a glass of wine is also offered.

Duration 25’  € 75 single – € 99 couple

Dark chocolate bath

The cocoa bath has re-mineralizing and nourishing effects, thanks to the presence of numerous active ingredients and natural fats that nourish the skin, with a moisturizing visible effect. The cocoa bath also helps draining excess fluids and giving firmness as well as tone to the tissues. It can also be used in the treatment of states of depression. During the treatment, a sample of petits-fours accompanied by a glass of milk is offered.

Duration 25’  € 70 single – € 95 couple

Valgerola Hay bath 

The fumes released during the treatment together with the essencial oils give a hay bath natural curative effects. Used for centuries by peasants as a home remedy, herbs such as arnica, mountain camomille, yarrow, veronica and plantago relieve joint pain and muscular fatigue during a hay bath, through the absorption by the skin of the natural active ingredients they contein. Also recommended for people suffering fromn hay fever. Hay from the pastures of Sacco in Valgerola is used for the bath.

Duration 25’  € 75 single – € 99 couple


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